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Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 With Serial Keys Download

About Kaspersky Internet Security 2014:

Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 provides comprehensive computer protection against familiar and new threats, network andphishing attacks, spam, and alternative unwanted content. completely different functions and protection parts area unit accessible as partof Kaspersky net Security to deliver comprehensive protection.

Computer Protection:
Protection parts are designed to guard the pc against familiar and new threats, network attacks, fraud, and spam and alternative unsought info. each variety of threat is handled by a personal protection element (see the outline of parts during this section). parts is enabled or disabled severally of 1 another, and their settings is organized. additionally to the constant protection provided by the protection parts, we have a tendency to advocate that you simply frequently scan your computer for viruses. this can be necessary so as to rule out the likelihood of spreading malicious programs that haven’t been discovered by protection parts, as an example, as a result of a coffee security level set, or for alternative reasons. to stay Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 up to this point, you wish to update the databases and code modules employed by the appliance. Some specific tasks that ought to be dead often (such as removal of traces of a user’s activities within the system) area unit dead victimization advanced tools and wizards. the subsequent protection parts stand watch over your computer in real time:

File Anti-Virus – File Anti-Virus prevents infection of the computer’s filing system. The element starts upon startup of the software, ceaselessly remains within the computer’s RAM, and scans all files bei weight unit opened, saved, or launched on your laptop and every one connected drives.Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 intercepts every arrange to access a file and scans the file for familiar viruses. The file will solely be processed additional if the file isn’t infected or is with success treated by the appliance. If a file can’t be disinfected for any reason, it’ll be deleted. a replica of the file are enraptured to Quarantine at that.

Mail Anti-Virus – Mail Anti-Virus scans incoming and outgoing email messages on your computer. the e-mail is out there to the receiver provided that it doesn’t contain dangerous objects.

Web Anti-Virus – internet Anti-Virus intercepts and blocks the execution of scripts on websites if they create a threat. internet Anti-Virus conjointly monitors all internet traffic and blocks access to dangerous websites.

IM Anti-Virus – IM Anti-Virus ensures the safe use of net pagers. The element protects info that involves your computer via IM protocols. IM Anti-Virus ensures safe operation of varied applications for fast electronic communication.

Application management – Application management logs actions performed by applications within the system, and manages applications’ activities supported that cluster the element assigns them to.a collection of rules is nominative for every group of applications. These rules manage the applications’ access to numerous software resources.

Firewall – The Firewall ensures the protection of your add native networks and on the net. The element filters all network activities victimization rules of 2 types: rules for applications and packet rules.

Network Monitor – Network Monitor is meant for watching network activity in real time.

Network Attack Blocker – Network Attack Blocker hundreds at software startup and tracks incoming network traffic for activities characteristic of network attacks. Once a shot to attack your laptop is detected, Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 blocks any network activity of the assaultive laptop towards your laptop.

Anti-Spam – Anti-Spam integrates into the mail shopper put in on your laptop and scans all incoming email messages for spam. All messages containing spam area unit marked with a special header. you’ll be able to piece Anti-Spam to handle spam messages in an exceedingly explicit method (for example, delete them mechanically or move them to a special folder).

Anti-Phishing – Anti-Phishing permits checking URLs to seek out out if they’re enclosed within the list of phishing ones. This element is made into internet Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam, and IM Anti-Virus.

Anti-Banner – Anti-Banner blocks ad banners on websites and in application interfaces.

Safe cash – Safe cash provides protection of confidential knowledge once victimization on-line banking services and payment systems, and prevents thievery of assets once creating on-line payments.

Parental management – Parental management is meant to guard youngsters and teenagers from threats associated with laptop and net usage. Parental management permits you to line versatile restrictions on access to internet resources and applications for various users counting on their age. Parental management conjointly permits viewing applied math reports on activities exerted by controlled users.

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Descargar Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 With Serial Keys Download (2013)

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