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Games2014 On septiembre - 13 - 2013

About The King of Fighters XIII:

The game removes a number of the gameplay systems employed in the previous game; the Guard attack system, the vital Counter system, the Clash System moreover because the dynamic, zooming camera. In their place but, there square measure new systems that are confirmed to be additional, the primary of the 3 is that the new EX Mode,which convert every characters’ super moves into additional powerful versions that enables one bar from the player’s power gauge for EX Special Moves and 2 bars from the player’s power gauge for EX Desperation Moves. Another new addition is Hyper Drive mode, which supplies the player unlimited use of Drive Cancels for a minute once the Hyper Drive Gauge has been maxed, and therefore the last new feature confirmed for the sport is that the Drive Cancel system, that parades new jazz band prospects. the sport additionally marks the come back of the multi-bar power gauge that was introduced within the King of Fighters ’97.In addition to straightforward and EX Desperation Moves, a brand new category of Desperation Move entitled “NEO MAX” square measure enclosed within the game and need that 3 stocks of gauge be changed so as to perform one, creating it like Hidden Desperation Moves (The King of Fighters 2002) and Leader Desperation Moves (The King of Fighters 2003). These also can be canceled from commonplace Desperation Moves, creating them like the “Dream Cancels” from The King of Fighters XIII.

The King Of Fighters XIII King of Fighters 13 or a series of action games and fighting pitched and is one of the rare games in popular gaming consoles only. The games can be developed very good Tekken game and has appeared with wonderful graphics.The combatants have played more than 20 characters, each of them there are some features Raiden in Struggles for Land and the very powerful and strong, Kensou Shekast of their competitors, in possession of a lot spells, Terry the and Shen strong impact on land, air and throw opponent to the ground. Other features of this game is that impressive editing fighters in the war, which means you will have completed the steps above, and climb to edit your fighters and the design of you will have.

The King of Fighters XIII Requirements:

* OS: Windows XP SP2 (3)
* CPU: Intel DualCore 2.0Ghz
* Monitor: 640×480 (VGA), or 1280×720 (HDTV 720p)
* GPU: ATI Radeon (x1600Pro, x1300LE) or NVIDIA GeForce (7900GS, 7600GS, 7300GS)

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Size : 2.2GB

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Descargar The King of Fighters XIII PC Game Free Download (2013)

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